download (1)There are a number of things on my bucket list. Skydive in another country, ride a camel, eat sushi in Japan and lots more. But, one that won’t take that much out of me (or be that expensive) is participating in Pelatonia, which I’m all set to do this year in August!

If you don’t know, Pelatonia is a grassroots bike tour with one goal: end cancer. Founded in Columbus in 2008, the event is a three day cycling experience that includes a weekend of cycling, entertainment and volunteerism. Pelatonia raises $84 million annually for cancer research. Its operating expenses are covered by funding partners allowing each dollar raised from each rider to directly support cancer research. For as long as I can remember, someone in my close family has battled a form of cancer including my grandparents on both sides, my aunt and my brother. My grandmother on my Dad’s side died from it.

Since moving to Columbus in 2007, I’ve wanted to participate, but timing never aligned with the busy college and early post graduate years. But, this year is the year! For now, I’ve committed to a 50 mile ride, with the potential to bump that up to 75, depending on how crazy life  gets and the time I get to train. I’m also running a half marathon a month later, so I’ll have to balance running with cycling training.

Nonetheless, to participate (or to avoid getting my own credit card charged), I need to raise $1,250! I won’t lie , I’m a little nervous that I won’t meet this fundraising goal. But, I can with YOUR help!

If you’re feeling a little extra kind today, head over to my personal donation page and lend me your support.

If you can’t donate – I would also gladly welcome friendly encouragements or even cycling training tips sent here.