How it Works

Most “marketers” will sell you fluff. I’ve worked in marketing for years and still do not understand what some of these buzzwords actually mean. What is lead generation or personalization? The bottom line is this. You want more sales, more customers and more traffic to your website. You have no time to worry about any of that when you are busy negotiating supplier contracts, signing paychecks or reviewing a new lease. Let me help. Often times, businesses fail in the first few months for a few reasons including not knowing their customer well enough, not knowing their market well enough, or an ill combined combination of the wrong product trying to please the wrong customer. I will work with you to understand your goals and I will allow my guiding principles to provide you with value every step of the way.

  • I believe in working with you on an independent basis to determine the best hourly rate for your project based on level and type of work required.
  • I will not overcharge and under deliver.
  • I will require the same amount of work you require from me from you. I will need your time and attention to help me understand your business and your goals. This is a relationship, a partnership, an agreement. You work hard, I work hard and we win together.

Have a project you can’t quite get to the finish line? Do you just need a fresh approach on the same problem?

Email me with a few quick sentences of what your project is and I will return your message within 24 hours. First, we will connect over the phone and determine best next steps. We will develop a customized project plan with an hourly rate that suits your budget and requirements.

Ready to jump in? Let’s get started. I can’t wait to hear from you.